Tips For Brides




This is your special day, enjoy it!

Of course you want an amazing wedding album and wedding photos; but, you also want to enjoy your wedding day, spending the majority of it with your family and friends! Here are a few tips on how you can accomplish both!



Tip # 1

Have a list of “must haves” for group photos planned out ahead of time! Start with the largest groups first, so you can release people in sections, allowing them to head to cocktail hour. Also, make sure you introduce your wedding photographer to a VIP Designee. This designee should be someone who knows everyone in your group shot list, as well as a few VIPs that you may want photos with during the reception. They will be responsible for keeping people together in list order (and keeping these individuals from leaving the photo site) until it is time to send them off to the cocktail party.


Tip # 2

Before the ceremony, plan to spend some time with your photographer. During this time, you are able to get some fun shots with your bridesmaids and immediate family.

This will allow you more time to relax and have a little fun before your trip down the aisle! This time will also be valuable to the wedding photographer for

capturing your dress in fine detail, getting some artistic photos of you with your veil and flowers, taking some unique photos of you and your bridal party at your venue before the ambient light starts to dim!

While you go back inside to get ready for the ceremony (touch up make up and hair, meditate, breathe!), your wedding photographer will then be able to spend

15 to 20 minutes with the groom, his family and his groomsmen! By now, your guests will be arriving, and you’ll want to be tucked away where they can’t see you and your beautiful gown!

By taking these photos before the ceremony, you will knock out 1/2 of the “commonly desired” group photos, saving about 20 to 30 minutes of valuable time: time that you can now spend socializing at your cocktail party!


Tip # 3

After the ceremony, try to keep your list of group photos to a minimum. I suggest:

• Bride & groom with each side of his/her immediate family, then combined.

• Entire bridal party with bride & groom

• Entire bridal party with bride (alone), then with groom (alone)

• Groomsmen with bride, then bridesmaids with groom


If you have two wedding photographers, these 8 set-ups can take less than 15 minutes to arrange and photograph! Now, send everyone else off to cocktail hour and plan to spend 1 hour with the wedding photographer for some really beautiful, unique, and fun shots of the two of you together, all dressed up! After that, it’s your turn to head to cocktail hour! Enjoy it!

You can take your extended-family photos during the reception as you make your rounds.

If there are shots you specifically want, even though you didn’t think of them ahead of time, call your wedding photographer over and ask them to take these shots. That’s why you hired them!

Many times, two or three guests will ask your wedding photographer, “can you take a photo of us?” If they ask this of your only wedding photographer, than you may end up missing out on some vital moments across the room. That’s why, it’s always best to choose a 2-photographer package! It’s amazing how unique and complete your album will look from two very different angles!


Tip # 4

Don’t forget the details! Allow your wedding photographer time to photograph the reception hall. This room is now all set up, dressed to the T with your flowers, place settings, candles, and more! Months (or possibly years) of research, hard work, and money went into planning the look and feel of this reception! You WANT photos of this, trust me! So, make sure to allow your wedding photographer to run ahead to the reception room to start shooting before the guests arrive!


Tip # 5

Plan to spend another 15 minutes with your wedding photographer (alone) during the reception. If applicable, they will take you outside to get some sunset or night photos in your formal attire. At this time, you have eaten, socialized with guests, and will now be ready to have a few minutes of peace. Your photographer can be your best friend at this moment, pulling you out of the beautiful whirlwind for a breath of fresh air and a few sensual embraces with your new hubby!


Sticking to a detailed schedule rarely works out perfectly, but it is a good guideline. If the timeline starts to skew, make sure you give your  wedding photographer a good 10 minute warning before your cake cutting or garter toss. Your wedding photographer, who knows weddings like the back of their hands, can even point out when it is a good time – especially if you are running off schedule or get wrapped up in conversation. If you think it’s a good time for cake or to do an event (garter toss, specific dance, anything that draws attention, etc.), then make sure to give the  wedding photographer(s) a few minutes to set up the right angle and lighting for their shots. Your photos will reflect this, and you will be very thankful you didn’t surprise them! If you need help keeping guests from wandering out for air, have the DJ announce the event that will be taking place, and advise guests to be back within 10 minutes! DJs (emcees) and wedding photographers work very well together, especially when you have seasoned professionals! They will know what to do even if you don’t have the slightest clue! When a wedding planner isn’t present, it’s their job to run the show when they see things slipping past the clock!


Tip # 6

Have fun! Don’t worry about the shots, the details, the music, the food, or anything else for that matter… you’ve done your job! You’ve planned your event, hired professional vendors, walked down the aisle, and married your spouse. Now, it’s time to party! Let your bridesmaids and designee s pay attention to and manage the details. You just get on the dance-floor and have some fun!